What I do

Freelance Saas/Digital Marketing Content Writing Services

Do not settle for less. Hire a writer who can painstakingly produce well-written content that drives content marketing goals.

How about you relax while I take the job?

Nice, right?

Well, I offer only blog writing services for brands in the following niches:


✔️Digital Marketing

The content can be published in two ways

By-lined Content

The content is published in my name with a link to my website in my Bio.

Ghost-written Content

If you prefer that I give up the ownership of the content, that is entirely fine. However, the rate will be a bit higher than my regular.

What Will You Get?

✔️Content in Google Docs with standard formatting

✔️Optimized and reader-targeted content

✔️Images and original screenshots where applicable

I can upload the content directly to the website. I work comfortably with WordPress and any custom content management system.

Professional SEO Copywriting Service

It is simple and effective! We begin with a briefing where we talk about the project. I follow it up by conducting keyword research to uncover related keywords and possible ranking gaps.