Read : Find out the Age Limit For Immigration To Canada

Should in case you have any plans of either studying or working in Canada as a foreigner, then it’s necessary that you pay attention to the age limit for immigration into Canada.

The Canadian government is keen on allowing foreigners who can easily adapt to the Canadian system and way of life.

Nevertheless, foreigners between the ages of 18-30 years, stand better chances of getting accepted into Canada often through Express Entry.

Canada places a higher value on young immigrants and this is because the young ones are usually considered more suitable for the Canadian labor market.

Canada has plans of filling its job market with skillful and qualified young individuals. Canada’s major purpose is to use these brilliant young minds to improve the Canadian economy – And I think it’s working.

Under the Express Entry System (the Points Ranking System), individuals who desire to move to Canada are scored based on lots of factors which include “Age“. So, the younger you are, the higher your chances of maximizing the points offered for age, this also means the higher your chances of being accepted to enter Canada.

For example, if a 28-year-old scores 110 CRS age points, the age score point wouldn’t be the same for an individual who is over 30 years. Meanwhile, individuals between 39 years and above may have nothing more than 55 CRS point left.

How To Calculate CRS Points for Immigration To Canada

1200 points are actually the maximum point any immigrant can score in the Canadian Comprehensive Ranking System.

Criteria Points allocation:

  • 460-500 points – Principal human capital aspects (eg, Educational level, Age, work experience in Canada, and official language proficiency.
  • 100 points – Candidates with transferable skillset.
  • 40 points – Spousal issues.
  • 600 points – Individuals that have valid provincial/territorial nominations or those who already have an employment offer.

The Actual Age Limit For Immigration To Canada

Truthfully, the Canadian Immigration in 2017, made few changes to the immigration rules for candidates who are over 55 years of age. The required points needed for them have been reduced a little lower to the 400s.

Once you’re over 50 years, then the age limit could possibly be not a barrier. The IRCC (Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada) can’t deny anybody permanent residence because of their age.

It can even be a lot easier if you have family or close ties in Canada. But, for those who don’t have close ties or family, you still have other options available.

Below are the options available to those in this category;

  1. Working as a caregiver in Canada.
  2. Get a valid job offer from an employer in Canada can also earn you a Canadian Permanent Residency.
  3. You can also request to be transferred to Canada should incase your company has any branch in Canada.

NOTE: Canadian immigration recently removed the language test requirement for individuals who are 55 years and above.

Requirements For Immigrating To Canada

Canada has lots of immigration programs and all of them have different requirements. Also, note that the immigration requirements for a permanent resident will not be the same as the requirements for temporal residence. Notwithstanding, see some of the basic prerequisites for lots of Canadian immigration programs.

Language Proficiency: Those who intend to immigrate to Canada will be required to show how proficient they are with the use of French or English language through registered testing and certification agencies. That is the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) for English. The approved score for the Language test is CLB 7 for your 1st official language in four (4) different language sections.

Education: Prospective immigrants will be required to show their foreign ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) report whenever they’re submitting an application to immigrate to Canada. The most popular way to get your credentials assessed is through the ECA through WES.

Character And Health Requirement: Good health conditions and character are very important if you desire to be qualified to immigrate to Canada. You will have to provide all the necessary health reports and police tests when they are required. Additional things may be required, nevertheless, it all depends on the kind of visa you are applying for.

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